Pragunya and Nelson’s lifestyles can be likened to that of urban monks in the modern western world, as they share some similarities in their spiritual practice to those monks, seers and sages of the East.

Only here they are of the world and for the world, immersed in its activities and day-to-day hustle and bustle.

Pragunya and Nelson are ever so fortunate to meditate under the guidance of their spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy whose ceaseless fount of inspiration enriches their lives with happiness, peace and purpose: the souls purpose.

A few things Sri Chinmoy encourages his students to do on a daily basis to help them along their life’s journey are:

To listen, sing and play soulful music to elevate and purify their consciousness.

Eat a nutrient-dense vegetarian diet to create peace, poise and purity in the body.

They run daily or perform similar exercises to create a healthy body-temple surcharging it with dynamism and energy and meditate twice daily in the morning and evening to create peace in the mind and an expansion of the heart: the spiritual heart.

This is their humble journey as they share enthusiasm for music and the spiritual life.

They have been extremely fortunate to be able to perform in North America, Europe, Australasia and perform regularly at events Including world/spiritual/festivals, yoga classes, meditation workshops, private functions and they also put on their own concerts.

“Divine music is the music of the aspiring heart, illumining Soul, awakening body, expanding vital and dreaming mind” – Sri Chinmoy